Dexter's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wall, Mary Chris 0 Reviews
Vertuga, Victoria 1 Review
Neal, Neeona 0 Reviews
Murray, Jaime 1 Review
Miller, Kristen 1 Review
Martinez, Tomiko 0 Reviews
Lanza, Suzanne 0 Reviews
Huddleston, Kelly 1 Review
Garcia, Aimee 2 Reviews
Ford, Courtney 3 Reviews
Dillman, Valerie 0 Reviews
Carrion, Lizette 1 Review
Benz, Julie 2 Reviews
Ashton, Renée 0 Reviews

Dexter's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Vance, Chris 1 Review
Lithgow, John 1 Review
Hall, Michael C. 1 Review
Erwin, Mike 2 Reviews
Carradine, Keith 3 Reviews

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Mary Chris Wall
Victoria Vertuga
Pieman was written on July 18, 2013

Popped Top

S08E01 Shortly into the episode, Dexter says he has met new people. The lovely Victoria pops her top at that moment. Beautiful, but brief and well-lit.

Neeona Neal
Jaime Murray
sam76dog was written on November 12, 2013

Great for tv, especially if she's your type

The lovely Jaime plays Lila, the NA sponsor/short-term girlfriend/psycho stalker of main character Dexter. In S2:E5, ‘The Dark Defender,’ she and Dexter are at a hotel. Around 34 minutes in she undresses to shower and we get a quick peek of right breast. After he ends a phone call with his then-girlfriend Dexter looks at Jaime in the shower. We get a great view of her tight ass, brief right breast, brief left breast, and brief right again. Later in the episode she is in a see-through white shift, and her nipples are clearly visible.
In S2:E6 (‘Dex, Lies, and Videotape’), about 33.5 minutes in, Dexter and Lila (Jaime) are hooking up and she removes her top for a brief view of right breast (and a nice look at her ass in a thong). After the short love scene we get a pan-up of her body, although it is strategically covered by a sheet.
She really gives it to us in S2:E7, ‘That Night, A Forest Grew’. At about the four minute mark Dexter is on top of Lila as they couple, and we get a few glimpses of her right breast. They finish and he rolls off, providing us a view of her entire chest for a few seconds before she moves his hand to her right breast; the left remains exposed. The entire scene is not much more than two minutes long, but it is better than the previous ones. The best comes at around 25 minutes, when Dexter’s sister returns to their shared apartment to find Lila looking in the fridge topless. We get the best view of her perfect, medium-sized, perky, dark pink-colored nipples of the series here. Again, it is short; within a minute Lila has covered her breasts with her hand.
S2:E10, ‘Left There’s Something Bout Harry,’ contains a very brief side boob, no visible nipple, at about 50 minutes.
Although Jaime appears in a few other episodes, I noticed no nudity in them. She does, however, often wear skimpy, low-cut, or see-through clothing. So if your type is lean, pale-skinned, dark-haired, with a sexy London accent (one of mine is!) then you will enjoy this. Besides, Dexter is a good show, and there is a lot more nudity/sexy scenes from other actresses in the series.

Kristen Miller
nekkidchix was written on September 23, 2011

Topless with Dexter

In Season 6 episode number 1, Kristen appears as Trisha, a former classmate of Dexter. Dexter meets her at his class reunion, where she pursues him and he tries to avoid her, not realizing that she is hitting on him.
Finally, around 44 minutes into the episode, Trisha pulls him into an empty, somewhat-lit classroom, drops her dress, and gives Dexter an off-camera blowjob.

The light is enough to see her beautiful body and cute breasts. The initial shot of her sliding her dress down is pretty close-up but not as well lit. She keeps her panties on. The subsequent shot of her standing after finishing her job is better-lit, but a medium-long shot.All in all, a pretty good topless debut from a beautiful actress who waited a long time to show her body.

Tomiko Martinez
Suzanne Lanza
Kelly Huddleston
snowdog was written on October 11, 2009

Topless being killed

In the first episode of season 4, the attractive Kelly is briefly shown topless while as she is being killed by John Lithgow. In the scene, she is in a bathtub with Lithgow underneath her (her back against his chest). We get a few decent shot of her breasts prior to Lithgow cutting an artery and watching her face as she dies via a mirror.

Aimee Garcia
Pieman was written on July 18, 2013

Beautiful bottom. Grinding.

S8e01: About twenty minutes in, Aimee is grinding atop Quinn. Her beautiful backside is in motion, and it is quite lovely. A minute later, she is standing, back to the camera, for yet another look.

Pieman was written on August 17, 2013

That beautiful booty. Grinding. Again.

S08E04 Once again, she is atop Quinn, grinding. But, this time, we don't see her face and there's a whole feeling of deja vu all over again.

Courtney Ford
NekkidChix was written on October 11, 2009

Topless on top of cop

Plays Christine Hill, a reporter pumping a cop for information - literally!

In season 4 episode 3, Blinded By The Light, at 43:53, she is seen astride Joey Quinn in bed, massaging his back while he talks about the case he's working on. I wasn't expecting to see her topless, but I will tell you the surprise was extremely pleasant.

The beautiful Miss Ford has a pair of delightful breasts. They are perky and pear-shaped, with protruding nipples that beg for attention. Simply exquisite. She is sitting up and nothing is blocking the view, and she is perfectly well-let, and the view is long enough to take in the sights.

Unfortunately, a view of her seemingly curvy posterior isn't shown. You can see that she is wearing some lavender booty shorts that look like they weren't covering much of her derriere, but - alas - we'll have to go on waiting to see that.

Miss Ford was named by Variety as a Top 10 Face to watch for fall 2009. I would amend that to be a Top 10 Face and THE Top 2 Breasts to watch for.

sonic007 was written on October 26, 2009


About twenty-two minutes in to episode five of season four (titled "Dirty Harry"), the camera starts close-up on Ms Ford's face as it contorts in ecstasy. It then pulls back to reveal her breasts glistening with sweat and her nipples erect. It then pulls back further to reveal Officer Quinn's face buried between her legs. All the while she continues to writhe and moan.
It's a very sexy performance from Ms Ford.

sam76dog was written on November 15, 2013

Her last appearance

Nude in "Dexter," anyway, is S4:E9, "Hungry Man." About 12.5 minutes in she steps out of the shower to join Det. Quinn in the bathroom. We see her breasts clearly for a few seconds before Det. Quinn hands her a towel. A brief glimpse, but they are something . . . . Two stars for the brevity of the scene, would give 2.5 because her breasts are fantastic!

Valerie Dillman
Lizette Carrion
DeMan was written on April 4, 2008

Episode: "Love American Style"

With a name like "Carrion" and in a series as violent as "Dexter," you might expect her to play a murder victim, but she's quite alive and lively. She plays Shanda, a hooker who knew Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) from Deb's days working undercover in vice. Deb calls in a favor by getting Shanda to deliver some mercy sex to a hospitalized man who had lost a couple of limbs. Her medium/smallish breasts are shown when she takes off her top as she straddles the guy in bed.

Julie Benz
Curmudgeon was written on March 11, 2008

Full nude back, and side of breast

In Season 2 Episode 1 of "Dexter", Rita (Julie Benz) takes off her robe to entice Dexter (Michael C. Hall) into bed for a morning quickie. Initially we see a full-length back shot, showing a dark tan with slightly paler butt cheeks. They move into bed but Dexter's shirt obscures most of the action. When distracted Dexter can't perform on demand they sit up and we see most of the side of her right breast, briefly.

Curmudgeon was written on March 18, 2008

Naked in dim lighting

In Episode 8 of Season 1 of "Dexter", Julie is first seen wearing only a long white T-shirt; her nipples are clearly poking through the thin cotton. Then she straddles Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and pulls off the T-shirt. We get a waist-up naked view of her from the left side, but the lighting is very dim so it's hard to make out her breast. The camera pulls back and a bit to the side so we see her from the butt up; the lighting is better on this side so we get a good view of Julie's all-over tan.

Renée Ashton
Chris Vance
MarcioGore was written on March 6, 2012

Making love with a woman

On S05xE08,Dexter It's spying he making love with a woman ,so we can see Vance on top with his cute ass expost,while he humps the woman he moans too.That's it so sexy,this man is hot!!

John Lithgow
flighty678 was written on August 23, 2009

Nice 63 year-old butt times two

Season 4 premiere. John plays a serial killer and both of his appearances are nude. You see his butt twice. Once when he grabs a victim nude from behind (non-sexually). The other is when he's taking a shower.

He's got a very sexy, plump behind and looks good for 63 years old.

Michael C. Hall
jrn was written on September 14, 2013

Dexter's Ass At Last

In Dexter, season 8, episode 8 ("Are We There Yet?"), Dexter (Hall) finally shows his ass. He is having sex with Yvonne Strahovski's character (Hannah). Yvonne doesn't have any nudity, so Michael steals the scene. It's a perfect ass. The scene was only rated 3/4 stars because they are rolling around and having sex, so you only get a couple of short (but definitely visible) shots of his adorable, hot, sexy ass.

Mike Erwin
mcjw2011 was written on October 31, 2009

October 5 episode "Finding Freebo": Naked butt

In the episode "Finding Freebo," Erwin plays the guy Dexter's hunting for. There's one lovely scene where Erwin's character Freebo is sitting naked at his desk, drunk, as Dexter sneaks around the house. Erwin gets up to take a piss, and Dexter watches from behind as Erwin pisses into the the toilet and goes out again. The scene is composed of wide and medium shots, allowing the viewers to see Erwin's cute ass (not doubled, you do see Erwin's face in the same frame).

gymnofrater was written on June 21, 2015

S03 E02 Finding Freebo - 3 shots of nude backside

Late in the episode (after 39:20) we get three clear shots of Mike Erwin's firm, young backside and slender upper body. One shot of his butt and upper body as he gets up completely nude from his computer; one full backside view as he takes a piss; one additional clear shot of his bouncing buttocks and torso as he walks through a door.

Keith Carradine
Ozzie700 was written on July 26, 2009

Leaving bed; Episode: Resistance is Futile

In episode 9 of season 2, Keith leaves his girlfriend to start getting dressed. He was only a few years away from 60 when this was filmed, but his butt is just as shapely as it was back during Nashville.

Auron was written on November 21, 2009

Getting out of bed with Debra

As they wake up in the morning and talk, he gets a phone call and rises out of bed to immediately get dressed, and you see his entire backside and ass; he's in great shape for his age.

Not only that, but if you look closely inbetween his legs while he's opening the drawers, you can see the shadow of either his penis or balls dangling back and forth. Very hot!

gymnofrater was written on June 21, 2015

S02 E09 Resistance is Futile

Just after 12:28 a clear shot of Carradine's slightly soft, but slender and shapely butt as he jumps out of bed to answer a phone call. Not only is it a relatively pleasant shot, you can see something dangling between his legs from behind. A second shot captures his butt crack as he heads into the shower.

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