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year title
2010 Inhale 1 Review
2008 Jolene 1 Review
2005 Wedding Date, The 2 Reviews
2002 Investigating Sex 8 Reviews
2000 Trixie 3 Reviews

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Inhale (2010)
tarie77 was written on May 21, 2013

Kid interrupts sex

Dermot is about to have sex (they're in the middle of relations :-) ) when the baby monitor goes off. A girl is having an asthma attack and the couple run fully naked to the girl's room to assist. But it's so fast you need quick trigger hands or rapid pause to enjoy the scene. You are better off watching 'Investigating Sex' if you are watching strictly to view Dermot in all his glory.

Jolene (2008)
tarie77 was written on May 21, 2013

He may be middle aged, but he is FINE!!

Dermot Mulroney's character walks into the kitchen, drops robes and waxes the main characters ASS! Excellent clear views of Dermot early in the film.

Wedding Date, The (2005)
MisterTeas was written on April 29, 2006

Pre- and post-shower

The two stars are for Dermot's gorgeous butt, though the quality of the scene leaves a lot to be desired. He strips down (the process is shown in quickly-edited flashes) and as he walks to the shower, he pulls off his white boxer briefs, revealing his firm, beautifully-shaped cheeks for about two seconds. When he gets out of the shower we see the left cheek (no crack) in the foreground; unfortunately the focus is on neurotic Debra Messing, who gasps and pulls faces when she sees his equipment. Why do women in movies always react that way?

aries_kim was written on April 15, 2005


i love his butt.. theres a scene where he will going to have a shower and slowly taking of his briefs.. and shown his butt..

Investigating Sex (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on March 15, 2003

Swinging and swooning

Dermot makes up for last time by giving a double shot that his fans have spent years praying for. While he's in a room talking to others, dressed fully in a suit and tie, Neve Campbell imagines him nude. First the rear view. His cheeks are incredibly tight and firm - almost too firm (I preferred their large, squeezable shape in Trixie). Then the movie doesn't go the usual route and cheat the viewers, because Neve imagines his front, and she has quite an imagination! Aside from his dangling sac, the main feature is his plump, very pleasantly sized penis. He walks towards her, and no amount of weak lighting can dillute the thrill in seeing his fat hog swinging from side to side, almost hypnotizing the viewer into submission. It's a breathtaking shot, made all the more unforgettable considering how long this god has stayed all covered up. I hope more leading men follow his example.

smc01 was written on February 21, 2003

Bum and full frontal

I've only seen vidcaps of this scene but it looks great. I'm amazed that Dermot, who has always been something of a hunk, has waited until his forties to start doing nude scenes. First he bared his bum in Trixie and now we get more of his ass and an incredible (if darkly lit) view of his penis; it's a full-on view as he walks directly towards the camera and as stated by another reviewer, his dick looks to be a very good size. But even if it werent, and even if the scene is ever so slightly blurred, it's Dermot so this scene gets 4 stars from me! Plus those buns of his are great to watch just as you'd expect from such a good-looking guy.

BMac was written on September 4, 2008

Well put together

Dermot Mulroney is a well-built guy, and it's nice to see an actor not go through the usual gyrations to avoid showing his shortcomings _ like the movie where Eric Stoltz gets out of the shower and puts on a pair of slacks before getting into bed. Dermot shows off his buns at 14.41-42. The two more significant exposures wait until 1:01.22 and 1:08, the first close up but a bit fuzzy, the second mainly buns. He's largish, but I'll leave colossal to your ferocious imagination. You have to be a real fan to wait for this, though, because otherwise his character is a loon and this is an opposite-of-sexy movie. If you must look, jump to this scene then get on with your life.

dvdcollector was written on January 1, 2004

Full frontal -- beautiful actor

I have been waiting for a long time to see Dermot fully naked, and finally he delivers. The film is not great, but his nudity is a reason for buying the DVD (available in Spain, also from there by Internet sales). We see him naked three times. The first time, he gets out of a chair and shows us his beautiful glutes. As the scene fades away, there is also a glimpse of his very large penis. Roughly the same happens again in a shorter scene a bit later. Finally, he is scene in a dream walking toward the camera, his beautiful cock swinging happily back and forth.

JohnnyWad was written on February 11, 2003

Frontal and Rear

Unbelievably hot actor walks bareassed around a room, exposing a butt as perfect as his face. Then, a cock shot, slightly hazy, but revealing a full thick black bush of pubes and a large wiener that looks almost semi-erect -- its head pointing straight out to the camera.
Almost a four star rating, were the prick exposure clearer.

Pause-Abuser was written on January 29, 2004

Translucent Full Frontal of American Sausage

Yes like the others before me have mentioned, but let me be more precise on those minute details of those scenes in which the drop-dead gorgeous Dermot Mulroney has enthralled me with his colossal revelation. After all of those years of anticipating with bated breath, of my pent-up sensual fixation after seeing his backside nudity in "Longtime Companion", my dream just comes true and it manifests itself just like a real dream - ethereal and ghost-like The first revelation presents itself around the 14th minute of the film in which Neve Campbell's character fancying Dermot's character in the raw while listening to his lecture. I have to abuse my DVD's pause and zoom button like a mad hatter just to get a good look at his prized jewel. Almost invisible, a translucent figure standing and walking around his chair for 5 seconds showing his partial nudity but something in my ferocious imagination tells me that it must be huge! Then I go on watching this moribund movie (yes it's about sex, yet it is inexplicably boring - like having sex while inhaling anesthetic) until the 66th minute. Another translucent full frontal with swinging sausage of Dermot walking into the room, for fleeting 3 seconds of real-life miracle --- his sausage under the thick shock of dark seaweed is truly colossal. I wonder why he has been keeping his clothes on all these years. He should have strutted around in movies without any piece of obstructing fabric. Then 2 minutes later his character shows his buns humping Neve's character in a perfunctory style. He should expose himself professionally more often!

crzynessa318 was written on June 6, 2004

Dermot nudity

No need to buy the DVD for one quick scene... to see this clip/pic you can go to a hunkvideo dot com, do a google "search site" for dermot. It is amazing.

cythera4 was written on January 16, 2008

Amazingly Thick Phallus

Wow, Dermot's cock is massive! Thick as a firehose and almost as long, swinging side to side as he walks towards the camera. I'll bet when it gets rockhard it points straight at the sky!

Trixie (2000)
buttshot was written on August 7, 2005

dermot mulroney disrobing

This delicious full-moon shot of the actor is enhanced when on the dvd audio commentary by director Rudolph, he says that Dermot only consented to do it if no make-up was applied to conceal a very visible blemish on his left cheek. The director said that his respect for the actor went up after that-not to mention the number of men in the actor's fanbase.

Ozzie700 was written on July 16, 2001

Wow! Best Ass Contender!

I normally don't give **** for a butt shot, but I was stunned by the gorgeous globular display from Mr. Mulroney. At about 20 to 25 minutes in, Dermot is in a robe, after he and Trixie (Emily Watson) fell overboard. She asks him to turn around before he changes, and he does, showing a large set of cheeks in a perfectly rounded half-moon formation, with a fairly deep crack. She turns away, but has to take another peek (who can blame her) as he slides into a pair of tight grey knit pants. The nudity is only a few seconds, but delicious.

Christian69 was written on March 20, 2005

Mulroney shyly shows his butt to Emily Watson

This scene is great because it's a surprise; his character is trying to impress Watson, and his soft-looking, high butt is very impressive, seen at just the right angle, slightly in profile. Great ass shot: great ass, great shot.

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