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1989 Chameleons 1 Review

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1990 Wings 2 Reviews

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Wings (1990)
sonic007 was written on September 7, 2004

More thigh than ass

The second scene described by Mikey123 takes place in the episode titled "Is That a Ten-Foot Sandwich or Are You Just Glad to See Me?" originally airing on Nov 1, 1994. Throughout the episode, Joe and Helen try numerous times and places to have sex but are continuously interrupted. While Crystal is wearing a sexy short pink nightgown with stockings in this scene, when knocked to the ground by Antonio she reveals more thigh than ass. Add to this that it's a medium-long shot and there's very little ass to get excited about here. There's a better shot of her thigh earlier in the episode when her and Joe start to go at it on his desk. But again, as we're talking about thighs and not nipples, this shouldn't really be in the database in the first place.

Mikey123 was written on June 8, 1999

See through top and buns

Wings was a broadcast TV show, so nothing in the way of explicit nudity. However, in one episode, she models a new dress for Joe, and the dress is see through! She isn't wearing a bra so you can see clear nipple. I'm not sure how the censors missed that one. In another episode, she is wearing a short nightgown and Antonio comes in the door, knocking her over and she crawls along the floor trying to hide her body from him. As she crawls, though, the nightie sort of comes up over her waist and reveals that she is only wearing a g-string, so a shot of her bare buns. Its only a few frames in a quick-moving scene, but its pretty clear.

Chameleons (1989)
Mikey123 was written on June 8, 1999

Brief Topless in a few frames

In this TV Movie, there is a scene where the bad guy tears off Crystal's top (she was in like a shorgirl outfit) as she spins around and covers her breasts with her hands. The thing is, she didn't spin around and have her back face the camera before the top came off, so there are a few frames where she is topless. It's not much, unless you are a Crystal fan. I love it when you can find nude scenes from actresses who don't do nudity.

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