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2009 Alexander the Last 1 Review

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Born about 1978.

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Alexander the Last (2009)
Ozzie700 was written on October 21, 2010

Sex scenes

Barlow is one of the male leads in this indie movie about a young actress who is tempted to cheat with her co-star. He plays the co-star. He has two sex scenes, the first of which is with Amy Seimetz, intercut with a rehearsal where he's pretending to have sex with Jess Weixler. He and Weixler keep their clothes on for the rehearsal but in the scene with Seimetz, he gets down to his black boxer briefs and she pulls them off with her foot. There are several shots, generally well-lit, of his very shapely ass pounding into her, first in the living room and then on the bed. He has another sex scene a bit later which is shot from a bad angle, although you see his butt again.

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