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Diana Rigg
Fling was written on July 31, 2004

Butt cleavage

Don't get your hopes up. There are a lot of reviews here for imaginary nudity, and this one is just near nudity.
Strapping but flat-chested Diana Rigg was known as the first "name" actress to appear nude on Broadway and the West End. But she eschewed nude movie work, perhaps because while her stage acting won kudos, her lack of cleavage drwe catcalls.
In this 1966 TV episode of "The Avenegrs," though, Rigg's costume is risque for the time, Going undercover as a harem girl, Rigg dons a small bustier and Turkish trousers, transparent except for a shiny band encircling her hips, with little white cotton panties underneath. The pants do not cover her butt, and the panties even less, giving the viewer a good rear view.
Rigg is dressed this way for about 12 minutes, beginning at 40:10. She's not on screen all the time, and unfortunately when she is, she's generally facing the camera. But she also does a dance of the veils and has an extensive fight sequence.
There are views of her butt crack at 40:37-38, 41:33,50-51, and particularly at 41:29-31 as she passes in front of the camera and 43:24-27 as she walks away and tugs up her trousers. At 47:01-02, during the fight, there's another good view, and later glimpses.
Rigg said her bum needed to be made-up to look shaplier on stage. It's not going to win any Golden Globes, but is certainly worth seeing.
With her large head, broad shoulders, long legs, substantial hips but undeveloped bosom Diana Rigg has an offbeat physique, with far more cleavage behind her than in front,
For those who prefer small-breasted women, though, there are several shots of Diana Rigg's tiny titties, notably at 46:10-12 and 47:38-40, which are extensive without showing nipples.
Smaller breasts can be very attrctive if well-proportioned, but Diana Rigg's are disportionately shallow and widely spaced, sort of an earlier Milla Jovovich.
That other 1960s harem girl, Barbara Eden, made Diana Rigg look like a boy. Given heavy American censorship, though, the costume department never let Jeannie the Genie strut herself like Rigg does here, providing a happy ending.

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