Attic Expeditions, The's Sexy Actresses

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Hart Cleary, Shannon 2 Reviews
Bates, Beth 2 Reviews

Attic Expeditions, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Jones, Andras 1 Review

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Shannon Hart Cleary
Fred05 was written on January 8, 2006

fast sex

The full-length mirror shot is a good one, with full frontal nudity. The subsequent sex scene features what may be the fastest, hardest-driving sex in a recent film, which is a nice surprise. But it suffers from dark lighting with a blue tint. (Why do so many directors spoil these scenes with bad lighting?)

rocco-rules was written on August 20, 2005

Full frontal in a mirror

At 38:30 she drops her dress (surprise ! no underwear !) and shows us a full frontal complete with a perfect pair of large B-cups and a dark, rather hairy bush. It's seen as a reflection in a mirror, from about 15 feet away (too far !!!) for about 2 seconds. A few seconds later she's getting banged in the missionary position by Andras Jones, and we get the occasional (closeup) look at her jiggling boobs and nips. I think they're real because of how they jiggle and they've slipped down into her armpits and appear smaller than before. Whole scene lasts 45 seconds, in poor lighting.

Beth Bates
qsilver was written on July 3, 2002

Opening scenes of the movie

The opening scene has Bates covered in a large over the head monk's robe. She is reading from a book and holding a knife.
On the ground is a male who is tied down on top of a pentium. She slowly disrobes and reveals full frontal nudity. After some gyrations and camera angles you can clearly see a scene which is filmed from her back side with her legs spread. That is the most graphic I've seen for an "R" rated film. During the film she appears full frontal several more times in flashbacks. Very white skin with Flaming red hair.

rocco-rules was written on August 21, 2005

full frontal during a Satanic ritual & love scene

At around 05:54 she drops a black cape and exposes one of the nicest bodies I've ever seen on film. She's a natural redhead with milky white, almost translucent skin. She sports large C-cups (probably store bought because they don't move when she moves) with pale nipples. Her waist is slim and her hips and butt are nice and round without being fat. Her bush is well-trimmed and gives a hint of shaven p-lips. Her legs are thin and toned, and there's not a single freckle or tan line to be seen. She falls to the ground and is circled quickly by the camera, in a dizzying effect, but it affords us a full 360 degrees of view. For a second (get that pause button ready) you can see her clean-shaven, sizeable p-lips from behind (get the widescreen version). Later we get a full reclined backal view that really shows off her curvacious hips and ass. Whole scene lasts two minutes in good light and with long, medium and close up shots.

At 01:10:40 she's making love to Andras Jones, alternating riding on top and lying underneath. There are awesome views of her magnificent breasts, hips, bush, legs and ass, as the camera circles around the couple. Later, after they're done, the camera continues to circle the two and we see her in a sitting, crouched position, with more views of her alabaster boobs and light pink nips. Whole scene lasts about 4 minutes in passable light, in medium to close up distance.

Andras Jones
rocco-rules was written on August 20, 2005

Bare butt and loose jockeys

At 05:36, during the witchcraft sacrifice scene with Beth, he's tied to the floor on his back, wearing loose-fitting jockey shorts, and when he struggles and moves his hips, you can see the outline of his cock as it wiggles back and forth under the fabric.

At 41:00 you can see most of his bare butt while he climbs out of bed.

At 1:10:00 he'd making love to Beth again and you can see part of his butt as it thrusts into her. For the next minute the scene alternates between man-on-top and girl-on-top, and when it's g-o-t, you can see a flesh-toned pouch covering his unit. A little later, after he lifts up from her and sits down in a crouch, you can make out the belt of the pouch-thong he's been wearing.

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