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Stefania Sandrelli
Serna was written on November 24, 2004

Full frontal of woman with lovely big arse

Stefania plays her old and her younger self in this flashback movie. She was actually about 38 when this was made in 1984, the year after The Key.
In the first scene she is her younger self (she basically puts on a wig of straight black hair and different make-up). This scene is after she meets the Ben Cross character for the first time.
We cut to a bedroom. Ben Cross lying down, clothed. Stef sits on top of him in a blue silk babydoll, her big breasts spilling out. She unclips his belt and as she does you can see her bush. She shifts her hips and settles on him. Glimpse of her buttocks as she does so. He strokes her back and they kiss. She begins to move and gasp as he “goes in”. Cut the then to something lengthy present day scenes.
Then cut back to great shot of Stef’s big round arse on top. Then Cross tips her over on to her back and thrusts away, her hands going over his buttocks. (there are more cuts back to this scene later)
Cut to Stef soaping her thighs and breasts in the shower. Quite a close up of her bush. Then she is in the bath.

Elena Pompei
Serna was written on November 24, 2004

brief breasts

Ben Cross goes up behind her and strokes her breasts from behind. They kiss.

Claudia Cavalcanti
Serna was written on November 24, 2004

Lovely arse

Bushy haired blonde in leopard skin undies. Gets breasts out and sucks her lover's fingers. Bends over the bed and starts to go down on him. Nice shot of her arse. He kisses her tits and gets on her. Later she is on top (viewed from behind a two-way mirror). Fully naked and thrusting. Nice buttocks, babe.

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