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Helen Hunt
BrianMurray was written on July 26, 2000

A nice view of her back and upper butt while sitting on the edge of a bathtub

For anybody else this would barely (pun intended) rate even a single * but Helen always rates very high with me. All that can be seen is her back and the top two inches of her butt. A slipped towel covers everything below that. However, for an actress of Helen's reputation, two inches are more than I had expected, and probably all that we are ever going to see of her beautiful backside now that she has an Academy Award. Helen's best nude performance is still "The Waterdance," but for an update on one of the best "butts in the business," this is not bad.

dvddish was written on January 13, 2003

see through shirt

at the door she starts to talk and then relizes and looks and relizes her shirt is see through pretty good for a decent women.

NudeyDude was written on July 20, 2000

Wet t-shirt and breif shot of butt

Hellen gets caught in the rain and is seen wearing a completely drenched t-shirt. Both nipples are clearly in view. But the scene is short, so if your a Hellen Hunt fan play with the pause. Later on in the move she is seen preparing for a bath. You can see the top half of her bare butt.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

so close... so little shown

There is a lot of time in this movie where you see her either sexily dressed or near-naked with a sheet on... I did love the "wet t-shirt" scene... the rest was a turn on, but nothing especially special over all.

Starboard was written on December 6, 2000

a wet t-shirt scene and topless shot

Hunt raises her hair as Kinnear sketches her, and she is topless wearing only a towel. Her boobs are seen from the side for about 5-10 seconds during this shot, but since it is from across the room, her nipples are hard to distinguish. She also very briefly pulls the towel down just enough so her upper butt can be seen.

The wet t-shirt scene involves Hunt running through the rain(her boobs bounce a bit here), then going to Nicholson's place. As she waits at the door, she looks down at her clearly visible hard nipples, then shutters and grabs her shirt.

inhelensarms was written on January 21, 2002

Helen as Model - Pure Eros

Being nerved by Jack Nicholson, Helen returns to the hotel room, attempting to take a bath. She's sitting on the site of the bathtub, showing the top of her bottom an the sites of her perfect breats. The gay guy asks her to model for him.
In the next scene Helen poses on the sofa. I highly recommend you to view the scene on DVD in superslomo. She looks like she's inviting you, playing with her hair. Enjoy her breathtaking smile and dream what it would be like, if...

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 28, 2003

wet t-shirt contest

the only thing to talk about is when she notices her t-shirt is soaked and you make out her nipples through her shirt

budd was written on August 19, 1999

Mad about you

Very little nudity in this one. You can see the outline of Helen Hunt's nipples when she arrives out of the rain and her towel falls as she's getting into the shower showing her ass. She is very good looking in this movie and I highly recommend this to Hunt's fans.

mcjw2011 was written on May 15, 2003

Gorgeous teases - one good wet t-shirt scene and strategic nude scene

Helen Hunt looks great in this film, which won her an Oscar for best actress, but bad hairstyle. There's some good teases... first is when she visits Jack Nicholson (it's raining, and she isn't wearing a bra) and you get two looks at her nice hard nipples poking through the wet fabric. Next is when Greg Kinnear has her pose for his portrait, and the top of her nipples are seen. Since Helen is so alluring I give her an extra * instead of a * 1/2 rating.

moviestuff was written on July 21, 2003

see throught-shirt

nothing that major

RaiderReview was written on January 25, 2002

Wet T-shirt Greeting

Many other review have severely underrated this scene. Helen Hunt is one of the most attractive women around. In this scene Helen (wearing a white shirt) runs through the rain then greets Jack Nicholson at the door. You can see her breasts through the shirt. Due to the quality of the woman, this shot is better than full nudity from a lesser woman.

Arcadian was written on January 31, 1998

Undressing to take a bath

As she undresses to take a bath, her artist friend finds her pose to be beautiful. While sketching her, part of her naked butt is visible. Her entire butt is not in plain view, but it is still rather nice. The nudity is more artistic than it is sexual.

The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

At Door

Helen notices that nipples can be seen through shirt.

The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

Getting Ready for Bath

Don't see much except butt.

msm was written on August 6, 2000

nude modeling

Greg looks toward her to show a scene of her about to get into a bath. You see her back, the side her breast with a little nipple exposed, and after Greg asks to draw her, she turns around (sadly she covers her nipples, but see gives us a better view of her breasts), and turns back around to show her ass. Soon afterward, she is in bed totally nude, but covering up the good parts. The bed scene does show great cleavage, though.

soulman was written on September 11, 2001

Just A Tease

Typical PG-13 nudity. One wet t-shirt scene & one nude modeling scene with all the good parts stratigically covered. For some decent nudity from Hunt check out THE WATERDANCE and watch this film for everything but it's nudity (or the lack of it).

dirtydanny was written on October 16, 1999

Wet T-shirt

She gets on the bus with a dry T-shirt. As she runs along the street in the rain, she gets wet (duh!). As she goes into Jack Nicholson's building you can clearly see her bra strap (when the other woman looks at her in an odd way). When she reaches the guys door you can clearly see her nipples for a couple of seconds before she pulls her T-shirt forwards. How is this? does she remove her bra while she is in the lift or something? Wierd.

Skeet Ulrich
Derek was written on November 29, 1998

Begins to strip

Artist Greg Kinnear brings street urchin Ulrich into his home to act as an artist's model. Although this GAY character sketches a WOMAN (Helen Hunt) in the nude, he non-sensically tells Skeet to keep his clothes on when he begins to undress and shows us the faintest glimpse of his butt. Does Hollywood even understand gay men?

ravenboy was written on January 23, 2002

Evil titilation

The brevity of this glimpse is criminal. Okay, Skeet is cute, and the brief glimpse is there, but I actually felt angry about having to put up with such self-censorship in a gay-themed movie. I'll watch straight movies where guys are hanging out all over, thank you.

mcjw2011 was written on May 15, 2003

Brief tease - what gives?

This film, while good in its artistic merits, cheats us on getting at least a decent male butt shot or a glimpse of a woman's titties. Skeet Urich is stripping down in Greg Kinnear's apartment, and we get a brief view of Skeet's whitish ass. "Titanic" is also rated PG-13, and it showed Kate Winslet's tits AND her ass. Those fools at the MPAA board did it again.

hickeyfan was written on June 15, 2013

Part of the butt

He is brought home as the model to be painted. s he starts to take his clothes off, he is told to stop, and only a part of his butt can be seen

dvddish was written on February 25, 2003

his white ass

he plays a gay guy and so what i'm gay too big deal imean i love women alson but i get hard for both

moviestuff was written on July 21, 2003


you get to see his but

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