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Arsène Lupin's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Scott Thomas, Kristin 2 Reviews
Green, Eva 1 Review

Arsène Lupin's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Duris, Romain 1 Review

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Kristin Scott Thomas
Ghostwords was written on December 28, 2010


At approximately 0:25, Ms Scott Thomas is thrown into the sea, unconscious and bound. As she is rescued, her left nipple briefly pops into view from her dress. Once she regains consciousness, her saviour brushes his hand across her cleavage, which is quite erotic, but there is no further nudity.

Ghostwords was written on December 28, 2010


At approximately 0:45, Ms Scott Thomas lets Romain Duris stroke her buttocks through very sheer material which clings to her body. All very erotic, but rather too short. (She's meant to be much, much older than her lover - she's taken an elixir for centuries - but remains an extremely attractive actress.)

Eva Green
Ghostwords was written on December 28, 2010


At approximately 0:18, Ms Green flirts erotically with her cousin, the eponymous Lupin. He slips his hand inside her blouse and strokes her neck, simultaneously stealing the necklace she's wearing. It's essentially cleavage on view, but the scene is obviously leading to sex and is therefore quite charged.

Romain Duris
Ghostwords was written on December 28, 2010

Brief butt

At approximately 0:20, Duris leaps out of bed and there's brief rear nudity, lit by the nearby fireplace.

At about 0:45, he sleeps with Kristin Scott Thomas. After fondling her buttocks through slightly sheer pantaloons, he lies on top of her and there is another view of his behind, although it's from the side and partially obscured by her left leg.

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