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Fernando Tejero
Inchantrika was written on May 1, 2012

Ass - Locked Out Naked From Apartment.

In season 1 episode 4 "Érase un Rumor" Fernando Tejero, under the role of the caretaker Emilio, is chosen by all the building neighbours to check if two girls are working as prostitutes and attending customers in their flat, rumour which is of course false, so he visits the girls' place pretending to be a customer. Only one of the girls is at home and he asks her for a beer which she agrees to bring from the kitchen. When she returns to the living room with the beer, Emilio is already naked and waiting for her to have paid sex. She gets angry and kicks him out of the flat naked while all the neighbours are waiting outside in the stairs, we can see his smooth ass in the process. This actor is not exactly a hunk but the embarrassing context of the scene deserves 4 stars in my humble opinion.

Diego Martín
Inchantrika was written on May 1, 2012

Unintended Frontal When Getting Up From Bed.

In season 3 episode 9 "Érase un Desalojo" María Adánez as Lucía wakes up in the morning besides Diego Martín as Carlos. She thinks they have had sex because he's naked under the sheets but it's all Carlos' plans to have a relationship with her. When Carlos get up from bed to convince her to be with him, we can see a very fast full view of his long penis but, considering this frontal shot was not intended to be filmed, is only visible if you watch the moment in slo-mo. His penis is once again visible in one single frame when he uses a cushion to cover it under Lucia's request, (use slow-mo again to catch the exact frame). After Lucia is gone, Carlos turns around to throw the cushion to the floor and we can see his big meaty ass as his cleaning lady enters the room. This is one of the most famous unintended frontal shots in Spanish TV series' history and therefore deserves 4 stars.

Daniel Guzmán
Inchantrika was written on May 1, 2012

Locked Out Naked/No nudity.

In the very first episode of this successful TV series, Daniel Guzmán playing the role of Roberto gets accidentally locked out naked of his apartment in only a towel which he loses later on. He spends the rest of the episode trying to return to his apartment avoiding exposure. This could have been an impressive embarrassing nudity scene but unfortunately it's a one star mark because there's no nudity at all and if you use slo-mo and pause it's even worse: In several frames it's clearly visible that the actor is in skinned-colour underwear and even white shoes... Nonsense. For better nudity, Check the same episode in the french version of the series "Faites comme chez vous" with Farouk Bermouga in the same role and enjoy his awesome ass.

Juan Díaz
Inchantrika was written on May 1, 2012

Lost a Bet - Naked Cleaning in Public.

In season 2 episode 5 "Érase una Patrulla Ciudadana" Juan Díaz plays the role of Alex Guerra who bets his buiding friends he can have sex with a young female neighbour before the night comes. He loses the bet and at the very end of the episode he has to clean the glasses of a videoclub naked for all the street to see. In the first part of the scene we see his smooth ass and his friends making fun of him and then a very brief view of his penis and pubes as they are obstructed by an old lady passing by with a dog. 4 stars because of the great embarrassment situation.

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