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Ruth Corrine Collins
Videoass was written on August 4, 2003

Four scenes

1. After she came home, she take off her dress
and a bra, she has nice white breasts with red
nipples. She put on sheer robe and has a phone
talk. Nice see through.
2. She standing completely nude, but her
pubic hair is slightly obscured by chair
or something like that. When she walks to
the bed showing us her gorgeus butt. After
that, very boring sex scene, where we get to
see her tits.
3. The best view of her tits and nipples,
which look like a small rockets, sharp and
puffy. She is in the shop seeking new dress,
here is appearing one of the favorite Damato's
actress - Laura Gemser, but fully dressed.
She taking off Ruths dress, revealing her
very juicy breasts.
4. Sex scene with her dumb boyfriend. Again
fully nude, tits and tits, some hints of bush.
Nothing special, just another boring scene in
very boring and pitiable movie.

THIS MOVIE TITLE "Any Time, Any Play",
NOT "An Any Time" !!

Kuroneko was written on August 4, 2003

Oh Look!

It's another crappy entry in the database! Why can't anyone get a clue about HOW to properly enter a new movie? It's NOT rocket science!

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