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Jesse Birdsall
GDH was written on January 3, 2000

Sauna scene

Birdsall, probably best known for his role in the BBC's sci-fi series 'Bugs', was in his late teens when he made this. We see him opening a sauna door (this is his full-frontal - respectable-sized penis, black pubic hair); a minute or two later he leaves the sauna and walks away from the camera (nice little bum that wobbles ever-so-slightly as he strides along). Lovely!

alphabeta was written on December 12, 2005

Full Frontal

Just get this DVD (recorded and transfer from VCR quality) from ebay.

This is 3 episode mini series

In second episode around 38 minute, you can see his penis while he opened the sauna room.

Nice huge size penis.

There is another guy, his friend too, blonde, you can see his penis too very clear. But, I do not know the name since i did not watch the movie.

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