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Stephanee LaFleur
Phred_Phlinstone was written on June 10, 2002

The UNRATED is a must

Stephanee is the hot blonde with perfect sized breasts (man-made mammeries). The unrated contains 19 ADDITIONAL minutes of footage (2 sex scenes entirely cut from the R-rated version). By far the best work by Stephanee with simulated scenes in all the standard positions. Great stuff

Ahmo Hight
dogbreath was written on June 20, 2001

couple scenes

Unrated version. Overall this movie is a huge disappointment. Mike Sedan has presided over some hot flicks with great scenes...have no clue what happened to him here. Ahmo appears in 3 scenes, two flashbacks sequences and a strip-tease lap dance. The flashbacks are short, you see a little of Ahmo's breasts, but too brief to matter. The stripping sequence is good ONLY because Ahmo's body is priceless. Some nice topless grinding action in the lap dance---great abs, butt, and legs. But no real sex scenes here for Ahmo. A real pity, she blows all the actresses in this movie away by a mile. If you are obsessed with Ahmo, grab this flick for her dance scene. The rest of the movie is terrible and the sex scenes are quite pathetically edited.

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