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Texter, Gilda 1 Review
Peckinpah, Sharon 1 Review
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Cross, Becki 1 Review

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Janet Wood
12-string was written on January 5, 2005

hippie redhead, two scenes

Wood really has the lead femme role in the pic, as hippie chick Vicki. She contributes 2 nude scenes. First, about 3/4 through, she does some sexy dancing, then takes off her shirt, to distract the bad guy bikers while Gary Busey is TCB elsewhere. Some of it is shot from below, at a goofy angle, but it's very well lit, considering the sequence takes place in a desert shack with no electricity. A bit later, Charles Dierkop cuts her blouse open, exposing her tits in bright sunlight, before having her strung up by the wrists so he can menace her with a torch. This turns into an action scene involving other cast members, and when we see Wood again, her blouse has fallen back into place and her tits are modestly covered, though she's still strung up. Pretty good by the standards of biker pix.

Gilda Texter
12-string was written on January 5, 2005

brief, dark, unrewarding

Though the top-billed femme in this cult biker pic, Texter is only in it for a few minutes near the beginning. She has a dialogue scene with Scott Glenn, and a very dark sequence where she's sexually attacked by some of the bad bikers. You get a couple of very brief looks at her tits, in the dark, while they're manhandling her, and that's it.

Sharon Peckinpah
12-string was written on January 5, 2005

brief, completely grat

This is really about a 1.5. Peckinpah (daughter of Sam, BTW) is one of the hippie chicks in Gary Busey's commune. She's seen in a totally grat moment, stripped to the waist and washing her tits behind Busey, while Janet Wood comes in to report on her mission to slip some acid to the bad biker guards. Very Ophulsian mise-en-scéne, as she washes her tits, then pulls her top back up. This scene looks darker to me on the DVD than I remember it from the theatrical back in the 70s.

Neva Davis
12-string was written on January 5, 2005

topless dancing at the party

Davis plays biker chick "Clean Sheila" (yeah, I bet). During the party in the ghost town, about 3/4 through, she's in an open jacket, from which one or both tits occasionally protrude, while Janet Wood is hogging the limelight with her dance. Davis goes topless as well, and as with Wood, it's a decent look with much better lighting than you'd expect in a ramshackle shack with no electricity in the middle of the Mohave Desert. She has some paint on her breastbone during the scene, and looks more hippie than biker to me.

Becki Cross
12-string was written on January 6, 2005

in the desert

This is really worth 2.5, I suppose, but I have a nostalgic fondness for the scene. Cross and her young Republican b.f. are dunebuggying in the desert when they come upon stranded black biker Monk, in bad need of help. The b.f. gives Monk a sneery racist rant, then suggests he can earn some help by showing Carol if it's true what they say about black guys. Cross oozes out of the dune buggy, a long lean nasty brunette in black harem top and bells. She slides off her top to show perfect naturals with tan lines. Too bad she didn't lose the shades, which would have solidified a ***.

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