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Jennifer Lopez
lacupids was written on November 2, 2006

The Silent hard Nates

She was writing something and after getting a sound at the door she gets up to respond it. wow there it is her back very nice in full round shape. i love that scene because she wears a white material which clings to her nates. my heart beats for it even now... as i think of hers... nicey nicey nicey...

dvddish was written on March 10, 2003

not nude but close

she not nude but see through clothes

TheFan was written on December 28, 2000

She might as well be naked in that slip

Very early in the movie, Lopez, dressed only in a see-through slip rises from a chair, reaches up to get a robe, then turns and walks away from the camera. This supposedly takes place in the humid Amazon jungle, but you can tell it's an air-conditioned sound stage because Jennifer has a bad case of static cling with that slip. Her legendary ass is clearly visible in glorious motion as she walks away. It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in movies. As a bonus, when she reaches up while still facing the camera, her right nipple is visible through the thin fabric. The DVD version is best.

schlitz40 was written on September 30, 2001

Not Naked But (or is that butt)

Early on in the movie Jennifer is wearing a very transparent slip. As she gets up, you can see her legendary ass quite well. Not a nude scene exactly but still quite nice.

ABC was written on July 30, 2003


the actress being nude

hms was written on April 1, 2001

She might as well be naked in that slip

She might as well be naked in that slip

krisx was written on August 7, 1999

on a dark night when she is writing something then she gets up

WOW a nice scene if you look closely as jennifer gets up you can see her nipple through her night gown. then when she turns around you can see complete roundness of her ass i don't think she is wearing any underwear heh heh.

NEWGUY was written on April 2, 2001

she is writting something and then gets up at the beginning of the movie

i think she is great

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