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Dara Tomanovich
duckem was written on July 5, 2001

hot love scene

She has a very hot love scene near the beginning of the movie. The scene is well lit and she's completly nude but you see only her breasts and bare hips. After that she puts on her underwear which is almost as sexy.

rbelkin was written on November 10, 2006

Sheer See-Through Bra & Pubic Exposure?

It's a surprise she has not made more movies especially in the B-movie genre, she's not a great actress but pretty hot. In this movie, in addition to the scenes noted, when she "dressed" in her bra and panties, her bra is sheer and both nipples are plainly visible.

there is also a post sex scene where she has used to the bed sheets to cover herself up but she springs up to talk the guy - the camera is positioned and we can see between her legs and her pubic region - it looks like she might not be wearing any panties but it's hard to tell since I saw it on TV (not HD) - the resolution is just not there so the DVD is/was out - it might be worthwhile to investigate further.

sirspread was written on January 2, 2004

near start of film

completley the opposite of kirkland she has good looks youth and very nice breasts all the action is at the start of the movie so watch this part and skip the rest

Sally Kirkland
Penis was written on August 13, 1999

Topless; love making.

Topless when her top gets pulled down. A few moments later, she is making love on the floor and her breasts can be seen again.

Detroit was written on August 18, 1999

She takes off her shirt while having sex

Her breast for a pretty long period of time in her one nude scene in the movie.A she also has orgasm so it's good. The problem I have with it is that Sally is fifty-some years old and not very attractive. So if it was a hotter actress this probably would have gotten three or four stars

sirspread was written on January 2, 2004


very unapealing shot of her largish breasts which are sagging she is getting on and is not nice looking....not a very appealing scene

cecil was written on February 15, 2014

sex scene

She's standing in front of Nicholas Walker. He lowers her top revealing her breasts, good lighting. He removes his shirt, then reaches out and gently squeezes her breasts. Next we seem her sitting in his lap and they have sex, camera is behind his back which hides her. He moves his head one time which exposes her left breast.

Nicholas Walker
bmg was written on January 9, 2000

Frontal and rear

We see lots of his butt in the bathroom scene. Not very impressive, but we see plenty of it, anyway.We also briefly see his penis and balls during a sex scene while he's kneeling on the floor. The light is behind him so it's kind of dark, but you can see it fairly clearly (enough to see that it's pretty small).

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