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Diane Franklin
henrya was written on November 10, 1999

scene in bedroom with brother

Only two stars because the nudity is brief. Her brother is possessed,so he wants to seduce his sister. He talks her into posing, and she buns her hair up(That part is really sexy) then he gets her to take off her shirt. As he lays her down, you can see her tits, but she also has a look like this might be wrong which is sexy.FF to this scene, then rewind.

tabasco was written on February 19, 2007

Camera pans down from beautiful face to beautiful breast.

I rate the nudity, not the actress so one star because you only see one breast. Pretty decent close shot of it though. Diane is a super-fine dark brunette, just scrumptious,in an innocent kind of way. She looks oh so inviting in her nightshirt as she sits on a bed, posing for her brother. Possessed bro tells her to strip and she peels off the nightshirt. You only see her boob when the camera pans down from her face and onto her luscious breast for a few seconds. About 45 minutes into the movie.

schlitz40 was written on September 26, 2003

Interesting Nude Scene

Diane takes her clothes off as her possessed brother is trying to seduce her. Not a bad looking girl.

flurk was written on November 28, 1998

right breast close up

she takes off her nightgown while brother watches.

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