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American Nightmare's Sexy Actresses

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Zann, Lenore 1 Review
Udy, Claudia 1 Review
Staley, Lora 2 Reviews
Paul, Alexandra 1 Review

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Lenore Zann
Antman was written on July 5, 1999

Breasts & butt on stage

Might have gotten more than two stars bt the lighting is kind of bad. It is a pretty long scene though.

Claudia Udy
Antman was written on September 26, 1999

Topless dancing

This film's best nude scene has Claudia on stage as a stripper. A good look at her breasts and butt. The is less than 10 minutes into the movie.

Lora Staley
Antman was written on September 26, 1999


First, topless dancing on stage; a little later, topless in bed with some guy. Both scenes are more than midway through the movie.

cecil was written on February 11, 2014

stripper, sex scene

Her first nudity is as a stripper. She removes her top and shows off her breasts. She is wearing a g-string, and also shows off her rear end as she dances around. Later she has a sex scene with Lawrence Day. They are in bed, most of the time she is on top, side view of her breasts. At one point she rolls over on her back for a few seconds. The scene is filmed from the side and only shows the top half of their bodies. Lighting is fair. Lasts a minute or so.

Alexandra Paul
Antman was written on September 26, 1999


A pretty long topless scene very early in the movie; but not very erotic because her caracter is murdered at the end of the scene.

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