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Casey Wyman
MarcioGore was written on November 15, 2012

Naked body and cute ass (several shots)

In the middle of the episode 4,he takes off his robe in front of a woman,and we can see his young naked body and cute ass in several shots,even with somes good zoom too!The scene is a bit longer,so enjoy it! He's a handsome young blonde guy with long hair!

Evan Peters
MarcioGore was written on October 29, 2012

Bare ass in the asylum (Two episodes)

In the episode 01,he is admitted in the asylum and a man thorw him in the shower,so we can see his white and cute ass wet,after we can see quickly his ass spanked in a hospital gown when he's walking in a room with crazy people,you need press pause button to see it,there's a scene in white briefs too in the beginning of this episode!
In the episode 02,in the end,he going to be spanked with a girl by a nun,so he bends in a table wearing a hospital gown and we can see his white ass "mooning".He's a handsome guy!

Mark Engelhardt
MarcioGore was written on November 3, 2012

Part of ass

On the episode 3,near of episodes's end there's a woman making a oral sex to him.So his pants are down till the ankles,suddenly she pulls his legs and he falls,showing part of his muscular ass two times.He looks muscular.It's a scene very quick and a little dark,so play "pause".

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