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Marika Lagercrantz
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Dream Teacher

Marika is a 41 years old Swedish actress of average beauty (apologies to her fans) and has very beautifully thin body and with small breasts. At 0:42, she is fully naked as she raced her student lover to bed. It's from a medium distance but her tits and bush are clearly visible. And at one point she raised her legs and more of her private parts should be shown but the angle is too far to visualize (even with freeze frame). Her rather tiny breasts were very alluring as they jiggled up and down as she ran. At 0.59, a brief exposure of her right breast as she gets out of bed. Her light-coloured areola is comparatively large as it covered a big part of her small-ish breast. At 1:27, she was wearing an open and transparent sort of underwear, both her nipples can be seen. At 1:57, while throwing a tantrum, she pulled down one side of her bra and revealed her compact left breast and nipple once more. Most of the scenes, her teats are slightly erect.

Squinsen was written on May 28, 2003

Three scenes

Marika is 41 and plays a teacher who has an affair with her very lucky 15 year old student. She gives us a full frontal as the two of them are racing off to bed removing their clothes. She is very slim with small breasts, but all of her is in proportion and she is absolutely beautiful. Later we get a quick look at one of her boobs as she gets out of bed and a look at the opposite one when she pulls down one side of her bra during a hissy fit. There is also a sex seen but we don’t see much of her there.

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Brief frontal nude

This movie is a new version of a classic story: the story of an teenage boy (Stig) who gets sexually involved with his mature... and gorgeous teacher (Viola, the beauty swedish actress Marika Lagerkrantz). There are many shots of her breast along the movie and a full frontal nude scene, when she takes away her underwear and shows her bush, but the image changes too quickly and the next is a shot of Stig ass and Marika's legs around him. Despite this very brief nude scene, this is a very good movie and Marika is a dream come true.

Karin Huldt
duckem was written on August 8, 2000

meeting in bedroom

Karin plays Stig's 15 year old neighbor.
They are alone in a bedroom and she offers
her virginity to him. She than takes
off her dress and she is wearing no underwear so
you can see her breasts and pubic hair.
For some strange reason Stig declines.
Later on in the movie Stig meets her in
the school changeroom and she is topless without

oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Undeveloped tits

Karin was supposed to be a teenager in the movie but her actual age is unlisted in imdb. She was rather plain-looking and her tits were...well they looked un-ripe, or under-developed. Unfortunately for her that paled in comparison with Marika's mature and seductive breasts. That's probably why Stig first rejected her.

Squinsen was written on May 28, 2003

Full frontal

Karin plays a 15 year old who first appears naked when she tries to seduce her neighbour. She removes all her clothes and stands in front of him completely naked. We get a good long look at her breasts and pubic hair. Later we get a quick look at her boobs as she gets changed in the school locker room. They look a bit pale and under developed.

italkaboutsexALOT was written on April 19, 2006


she was infact 15(MAYBE 16) in the film, IMDB lists her birth year but not month.
she was born in 1979.
depending on the month she could have been 15.
my rate is not for the nudity itself, its for the braveness of a girl so young to show parts of herself knowing there is a girl in the exact same film, with the exact same love intrest that has larger/nicer boobs

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