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Brochet, Anne 1 Review

All the Mornings of the World's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Depardieu, Guillaume 2 Reviews

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Anne Brochet
bilfic was written on November 2, 2001

Bush and breasts, luscious if fleeting

There is a fill frontal view of this lovely French actress, shot from a distance, as she is seen nude running from the water after skinnydipping to hide behind a tree. The scene lasts a few seconds, but unfortunately it is shot from a considerable distance, so we can't even be sure it is her and not a body double. But ther is a full view of her nude trim body, including an ample bush and medium sized firm breasts. Later in the film she bares first her right, then her left breast. Finally, in a scene where she is, unfortunately, dying, she slides out ot bed and her nightgown pulls up far enough to give us a glimpse of her abundant bush. This would have rated four stars if there had been a clearer or more close up view of her lovely body.

Guillaume Depardieu
ajb was written on July 7, 1999

In bed

Good shot of his young, supple ass while he is in bed. One can also briefly glimpse his balls dangling between his legs from behind.

gui was written on September 7, 2002

back nude

making love on bed

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