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Bob Fosse

All That Jazz's Sexy Actresses

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Townsend, K.C. 1 Review
Paul, Sue 1 Review
Geffner, Deborah 1 Review
Bergman, Sandahl 2 Reviews
Bennett, Rita 1 Review

All That Jazz's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Scheider, Roy 2 Reviews

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K.C. Townsend
Immy was written on November 27, 2004

Topless stripper

K.C. is the first of three strippers to tease young Joe Gideon before he goes onstage. She's comes behind the curtain, still wearing her pasties, and as she approaches Joe she pops them off, asking him if he's up past his bedtime. Medium, decent sized cans, but the amount of sag evident makes me think she's a little older than the others.

Sue Paul
Immy was written on November 27, 2004

Right breast in bed

Blonde Sue is seen in Roy Scheider's hospital bed with her right boob exposed, small-to-medium in size. It's too brief to be called erotic so it gets * for the flesh and the playful atmosphere.

Deborah Geffner
Immy was written on November 27, 2004

Topless walking up the stairs

Deborah displays her smallish, slightly saggy boobs as she peels off her shirt and heads up some stairs. Shot from above, fairly close and well lit.

Sandahl Bergman
darna was written on September 22, 1998

performance scenes

She is fantastic as one of Schneider's dancers and we see quite a bit of her during the Bob Fosse performance sequences. She moves so well, so sexually, and she is the focal point of both the tamer and more daring scenes. Don't miss this!

TheR8R was written on October 15, 1999

that girl is solid

the amount of good quality nudity is limited, but it sandahl, you could bounce a quarter off any part of her body, those legs, that butt, those breast, all are perfect. a man could watch her stand still for hours and be happy, if you like her, deffinately see this film

Rita Bennett
Immy was written on November 27, 2004

Topless stripper

Lusty, busty redhead Rita is one of three strippers who tease a young Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider's character) as he's about to go onstage. When she first appears she's wearing pasties, then topless taunting the lucky kid. Then she takes his head and nuzzles it to her chest. Yow! A couple more brief shots as she watches him go out to do his tap dance. Later she's seen again as an audience member during Joe Gideon's hospital hallucination, still topless, shaking Roy's hand and applauding. Very nice bouncing action! It's a pity this honey didn't do more films.

Roy Scheider
Neptune3 was written on August 5, 2005

One cheek near the end

Roy is close to death in a hospital near the end of this film and, at one point, runs off to do his own thing rather than rot in bed. When he is recovered and taken away, his gown falls open slightly in back, so that his left butt cheek is shown. It isn't a great shot of it, nor close to the camera, so it's no great shakes. There are, however, several male dancers buns shown during a steamy number earlier in the film when they strip down to things and gyrate around (in one case, two men together.)

murray was written on September 22, 1998

hospital gown scene

Scheider's butt is visible as he wanders a hospital wearing only a hospital gown. Not a sexy scene and in a much too serious part of the film to have much erotic impact whatsoever.

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