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Parish, Diane 2 Reviews

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Flemyng, Jason 2 Reviews

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Diane Parish
Ozzie700 was written on October 9, 2001

Buns and Faraway Front

The capable Diane is Jason's best friend in the film, there to support him throughout. At one point they're drunk and despondent over their lack of love as a gay and lesbian, so decide to try having sex. As she's running toward the bed, you get to see her black cheeks fully, and a very faraway, possible shot of her pubes when she's on the bed. She takes off her bra but the breasts are blocked by Jason.

Chicago was written on June 10, 2002

2 scenes

After a performance, the cast is showering backstage and at :03, Diane runs across the room and out the door; she has a towel covering the front of her but her ass is seen for 1 1/2 sec. as she leaves. At 1:10.25 is the scene the previous reviewer describes. She and the guy run across the room and jump in the bed in the distance--ass as she's running and breasts/pubes in the distance (so far away, it's barely worth calling nudity). Then the guy jumps on top of her and as they struggle and talk about a condum, her entire dark left breast is viewable before she sits up and covers herself with a pillow. The entire scene lasts 40 sec.

Jason Flemyng
Olhado was written on February 2, 2000

Brief frontal, other butt shots

Emerging from the showers you just get to see his penis as his towel swings to the side. Sundry butt shots at various points too.

Ozzie700 was written on October 9, 2001

The frontal and a few butt shots

Aside from what Olhado already mentioned, there's a great, close view of his nice butt when he and Diane Parish are racing toward the bed. My favorite Jason scene is him in front of the mirror in a tee and tightie-whities, filling them out very nicely as he turns and poses. This is a great movie and, although the sex scenes have no nudity, they're surprisingly tender and steamy.

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