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Sally Faulkner
Immy was written on October 16, 2007

Breasts (0:32)

Sally lives on a secluded English estate with Glory Annen...and they're lovers. Woo hoo! They have a heated session in bed one night and as Glory is on top of her we get a brief look at Sally's B-cups. Hot scene but Glory shows most of the skin. Could've been better lit too.

Glory Annen
Antman was written on December 6, 1999

Two fair scenes and several lesser ones

(34 min) Breasts and buns during a lesbian sex scene interrupted several times by intercuts of other stuff. The scene is too dark to see very much, and the best part is the vocal orgasm she has when her lover uses a manual technique. (79 min) Breasts in a scene with the alien guy when he rips her panties off and has rough sex with her. Much better lighting in this scene. (Note) She is also briefly topless at 22, 46 and 65 minutes.

Coptional was written on June 26, 2007

Lesbian scene

Three stars easily for the lesbian scene...both breast and butt bared, although the spread-legged rear shots had a conveniently located bar on the bedframe block a more intimate view. Scene was shot in the dark, a pet peeve of mine in a lot of movies, not just nude scenes. Great stiff nipples, and a great vocal orgasm.

Barry Stokes

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