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Alias' Sexy Actors

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Jennifer Garner
Dudester was written on October 26, 2003

We knew it had to happen sooner or later.

The ratings challenged show has dressed Jennifer in a number of outfits, some very revealing. We have often seen her in bikinis or lingerie. Last season, we saw her placing her arm across her bare breasts while she's given a hazmat shower. This time, however, she's in a regular shower. Caught in a hotel room, adapting to the situation, she rapidly strips and jumps in the shower to cover the fact that she's been snooping in the belongings of a former lover. The camera follows a trail of underwear to the shower. When her lover comes in the bathroom, she covers herself with the sheer shower curtain and talks to him. We can clearly see her very firm B cup tits (this girl works out), as well as the outline of her body. She must shave her bush because we don't see a dark triangle. The scene is stunning. If you didn't see it this time, make a point to catch the rerun.

TheNewGuy01 was written on October 26, 2003


I looked really hard, but I think she was wearing a tan bra and panties. But I am not sure, so I agve it one star for hope. THis is a hot actress that I hope one day sheds her clothes. This performance however, was not the time.

NekkidChix was written on October 28, 2003

Season 3, Episode 5 (not three)

How opaque does the shower curtain have to be before it isn't nudity? Even though it was obscured, it's certainly mentionable. She could have been wearing a form-fitting, flesh-colored bodysuit, so I'd say voyeur emptor.

Geert Hunaerts
topting was written on July 5, 2005

Sex scene

Please note that this is not Alias the TV series with Jennifer Garner. In this scene of the movie, Geert is on top of Eva going like a rabbit on viagra. Anyway, we have a nice close up of his delicious butt between her legs and she even squeezes it just to rub it in our faces that we don't have it. Also, when they're done, he gets up off the bed and gives us a full frontal shot. (okay penis). As if that wasn't enough, an extra star just for the way he kissed her while they were doing the horizontal horror.

Ozzie700 was written on July 5, 2005

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