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Christine Moore
Immy was written on May 5, 2006


Christine is the titular prostitute being interviewed by writer Kirk Baily. At 0:24 there's a odd scene showing them both in bed. She's topless but it's intercut with scenes of other women in various nude states. It has the look of something that was heavily edited and is in fact the same cuddling scene from later on (1:08) except in slow motion. There's apparently a 90 minute version of this film but my reviews are based on an 81 minute video.

Jennifer Delora
Immy was written on May 5, 2006

Topless (0:42)

Jennifer plays a hooker and undresses in front of writer Kirk Baily in a dimly lit apartment. She pulls her lingerie top over her head leaving her topless in stockings. It's shot thru some shelves but you can still most everything. The scene ends suddenly so it's possible there's been some editing.

Ruth Corrine Collins
Immy was written on May 4, 2006

Topless (0:01)

Writer Kirk Baily is interviewing hooker Ruth in this film's opening minutes. She saunters to the bathroom and slips off her blue dress, briefly standing topless in the doorway. Kirk isn't interested so she puts it back on. Her large, cone-shaped hooters are seen from about 10 feet away a couple of times.

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