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2002 Auto Focus 4 Reviews
1995 Amanda & the Alien 5 Reviews

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1994 Hot Line 3 Reviews

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Hot Line (1994)
Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

Sexy but a bit freak-ayy too.

Episode title: "Payback". Alex is a really beautiful and sexy actress who should be a bigger star. In this episode, she and Larry Poindexter play the ol' "Prisoner-and-corrections-officer" game. We get some good Psychological interplay between the two of them, We also get Alex's fabulous, medium sized breasts (which have a beautiful slope on them, umm-umm.) in extended scenes, and eventually a peek at her oh-so black and lovely bush. Very, very good stuff.

Chicago was written on July 18, 2002

1 scene cut into 2 in "Payback"

Know-it-all does a good job of highlighting Alex's nudity in this episode. After holding the guy at gunpoint and forcing him to take a shower, she undresses to her underwear; the guy then takes off her bra, kisses her breasts then surprising her by handcuffing her...breast close-up at :19.75-:20.25. The scene continues without viewable nudity until :22.5 when the two move to the bed...breasts then thick ass and hairy pubes as Alex's panties are gone at :25.5 and they take turns being on top until it concludes at :25.75.

hitch22 was written on May 2, 2005

The sex scene she has...

Wow! Simply amazing. She is smoking hot in this movie. She has just a great sex scene. She shows plenty of her very nice breasts while on her back for a minute. Then she rides a guy while it shows her bush before finally switching to her back again.

Auto Focus (2002)
Ryan was written on September 6, 2002

Barely qualifies

Alex is so hot and there are lots of topless chicks in this film but sadly she ain't one of them. She initiates Bob Crane on a swinging lifestyle though and wears a very revealing blouse which, in one shot, clearly reveals the full side and nipple of her right breast. You can find real exposure elsewhere.

ff was written on April 27, 2004

nipple slip

while seducing Greg Kinnear you get to see brief glimpses of her nipple. mostly areolas but there`s so much nudity in this film this nip slip is just a pleasant bonus.

sonic007 was written on November 10, 2002

open shirt

As Emily, Alex is trying to seduce Bob Crane. Her tight white shirt is unbuttoned to below her sizable breasts. There are lengthy shots of her from both sides and each shot nicely shows the outline of the near nipple through the shirt while glimpsing the far nipple in through her open shirt.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on August 22, 2003

not nude

she isnt nude but she looks good

Amanda & the Alien (1995)
Cyclone was written on July 23, 2002

Two scenes

About 23 minutes into the movie, Alex gets naked for a shower, and we get a good side view of her nice breasts, followed by a brief look at her butt, and a second peek at her boobs from the side. Then, 35 minutes in, during a sex scene, we get some more side views of her butt and boobs, along with quick shots of her chest when she's on her back, and then sitting up slightly, after the sex is over. An attractive woman, but unfortunately, her only great exposure comes from a side angle...the rest of her nudity is too quick.

what_ever was written on March 29, 2001

shower scene and sex scene

We get a great look at her medium sized breasts as she strips down in addition to a very nice look at her ass as she walks in to the shower (where she feels “fresh and free”).
Later she is riding a guy and we get a few more shots of her breasts plus a very interesting display of a coffee machine.

wr135 was written on December 24, 2006

shower and love scene

very beautiful girl with nice rack. Best scenes are in the first hour of the movie. She plays the host body for an alien and takes a shower nice scene of her breasts with nicole eggert also in the shower with her. then later she has sex with nicole's ex to consume his body. several nice shot's of her boobs in this movie too. good movie nicole eggert is also very hot but not nude

MrBungle was written on December 18, 1999

breasts in shower

You see her breasts as Nicole Egert helps her get undressed before she gets into the shower and while shes in the shower. Its about 10 second scene. If you're a fan of that shortlived Showtime series Sherman Oaks, she played the sexy Mexican maid.

karmatramp was written on March 25, 2001

seriously HOT girl

I think i saw a longer version of this movie than the other reviewer. Alex Meneses is the host body for this alien, and she's "hungry". So after her shower with Nicole Eggert (who should've been naked too), she manages to seduce this guy, and rides him for all she's worth. Saw it on cable a couple years ago, and it's still a memorable scene.

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