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Azucena Hernández
Beatriz Escudero
AceOfClubs was written on March 9, 2005

Full Nudity

Gorgeous, I mean gorgeous Beatriz has a fantastic body for all tastes. In one scene she's taking a shower and whips open the curtain to reveal her full frontal beauty while talking to some guy. Then she steps out of the shower and grabs a towel and walks out of the bathroom, great long look at her amazing ass. Then she's in the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her as she fiddles around the cupbord and fills the kettle, her towel keeps comming loose and slipping, but she always grabs it in time and keeps it on. The dude can't take his eyes off her, finally she's pouring the tea into a cup and, with her hands full, loses the battle with the towel and lets it drop to the floor, once more showing luscious full frontal nudity. Very sexy scene. In another hot scene the same guy is undressing her. She is stripped out of her black maid's outfit, garter, stockings, and black panties, down to full nude then walking over to and getting into bed. Again you see everything head to toes with nice lighting. Quality nude scenes.

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