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Kate Hudson
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 25, 2004

too fast

you think the breast shot in almost famous was fast this was worse dont rent for this scene

yermutha was written on May 17, 2001

short scene of her in bed

She shows her breasts while in bed, short scene, but nice. And it's Kate... mmmm...

Filmbuff was written on June 18, 2001

Havng sex in a bed on a roof

Her right breast is seen briefly during sex. Not very exciting, although three other women including Francis O'Connor have noisy, but clothed, orgasms during their sex scenes.

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Sex on the Roof

Kate is pretty, but the breast shot is fleeting at best. Better have the pause button ready. Also, it's the only skin that can be seen in the shot.

eilchem was written on December 12, 2001

sex on the roof

it is ok.

Gordon was written on November 7, 2001

Sex on a roof

Kate and a guy are making love in a makeshift bed on a roof. Unfortunately for us they're mostly covered by sheets and blankets, but for a few seconds Kate's right breast is revealed long enough to make out her red nipple. Would have been nice to see more from this beautiful young actress.

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