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Abductors, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Som, Ined 2 Reviews
Rain, Jeramie 1 Review
Caffaro, Cheri 2 Reviews
Bronson, Gerie 2 Reviews

Abductors, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Smedley, Richard 0 Reviews

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Ined Som
thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003

Erect nipples

Some Farrah Fawcett nipple action going on...

00:02:00 Ined, Jeramie Rain and Honey Well all show some fun-baggage as their captors tie them up and gag them...

00:11:00 Ined (middle) flashes some fabulous full-frontal with Jeramie Rain and Honey Well when their kidnappers make them shed their collective threads .. Farrah beware

BushLeague was written on August 9, 2003

Som likes it hot

Is topless with her little pubescent 32b's and strips out of some white panties to show her 70's non-blonde curly - cue of a fur bear. Very cute baby doll face.

Jeramie Rain
12-string was written on March 9, 2001

teen cheerleader kidnapped and stripped

Jeramie Rain, who was once married to Richard Dreyfuss and is from my home state (WV), plays one of a trio of teen cheerleaders who are kidnaped by the bad guys before the intro credits. They're dragged out of their convertible and made to strip down to their panties on the spot, so there's an appreciable amount of real-breast jiggle, the kind that money can't buy. Rain plays "Jane," with short mousy-brunette hair; she's usually standing on the left and has a sullen, "kiss my ass" expression much of the time. About 15 mins into the picture the girls are at the bad guys' hideout and are led in wearing only their panties and some duct-tape. Chief baddie Patrick Wright inspects them, with closeup handling of bare breasts. I don't know who either of Rain's companions are, but the nipples really pop out on the one in the middle during this part of a fairly long, voyeur-friendly scene. Rain (on the left) gives some deadly looks to the bad guys when she and the others are made to get out of their panties as well, and we're still watching. A bit later there is a split screen effect which shows the 3 cheerleaders being educated for their new jobs as sex toys for rich but depraved old men. Rain is still on the left and seems to be practicing her runway walk, back and forth, fully naked, but she doesn't look so sullen now. All three have fine, real-girl bodies and look more like 18 or 19 yr old fast food workers than Hollywood starlets. They should have had a little more screen time in this picture.

Cheri Caffaro
12-string was written on March 9, 2001

right blonde, wrong movie!

The other review of this movie is slightly mistaken. Scene described is from GINGER, the first film in which Cheri Caffaro played the tough blonde private investigator who doesn't have time for the rules. In THE ABDUCTORS she has a sequence in see-thru top but only does 2 actual nude scenes. One is a makeout session on the carpet with her boyfriend, who is really one of the bad guys. She's fully nude in this but camera takes pains not to let us see her beaver (which was liberally shown in GINGER). Later, when the bad guys have captured her and she's tied up (!), she gets groped, and her breasts taken out of her halter top, by one of the bad guys. This before she gets loose and turns the tables on him. Split screen effect shows us that Ginger's femme sidekick Carter (Jennifer Brooks, also billed as Lori Rose in 70s drive-in pix) is being similarly manhandled by bad guys in another room. It's OK, but much tamer than GINGER (where she also castrated a guy with piano wire and where virtually every woman in the cast did lengthy full-frontal nude scenes).

henrya was written on November 17, 1999

naked most of the movie, front and back

Lots of nudity in this seedy drive in special. She's on her bed, totally nude sitting (with her legs apart). She taunts the bad guy (who's black)about really wanting a blond, and he can have her if he gets her before she gets to the gun on the table. He tries, but doesn't make it, and gets shot.She's also nude being questioned by bad guys. The tortune consists of trying to make her horny.Given all the bondage and sex, this won't be easy to find. But worth it.

Gerie Bronson
xxzz was written on June 14, 2003

Tied-up Sex

Geri Bronson plays a beauty queen who has been captured by a group who turns young beautiful girls into sex slaves. Geri is down right beautiful! We first see her bouncy, natural, c-cup tits as she is led into her chambers. Patrick Wright, an aging sexploitation actor from the late 1960's and early 1970's, get to break in the young, sweet, and gorgeous Geri. She is tied spread-eagled with her hands behind her back on a table. Wright fondles and sucks on her tits, then as Geri's naturlly blonde bush is shown, Wright's hand goes between her legs and , as Mr. Skin states, plays hide the finger in the love canal. As he brings Geri to arousal, he mounts her and they begin open mouth, heavy tongue kissing.

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


Woo-hoo a little unexpected explicit action...

00:10:00 Gerie's double bubbles appear while she's strung up on display behind a curtain.

00:21:00 A spectacular bit of hootage and marvelously massive muffshish while Super Hairy Man holds her down, sucks on her boobs, and plays "Hide the Finger" with her love-tunnel

Richard Smedley

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