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Isild Le Besco
BigH was written on August 9, 2005

Everything is on display at one point or other

At almost 13 minutes in after spending the night *sleeping* with her girlfriend and some bloke and sending the girlfriend on her way, he is sitting on the bed whilst she is standing when she pulls down her jeans and panties showing quality lower half nudity for about 5 seconds. Shame its black and white though.

At about 32:30 she gets out of bed and shows her slightly flabby backside before putting on a dressing gown. 42 minutes again another short out of bed scene this time frontal pubic hair flash and her sizeable breasts for 5 secondish again. A minute later in a dark room she walks naked to a window and partially opens the curtain and you only see the top of her backside and the side of her left breast. At 54 minutes she is lying in bed with her boyfriend for about a minute with
her left breast clearly out and about.

At 1:14 shes found a new girlfriend who is busy rubbing up what I guess is her sunburnt back as she lies butt naked (so guess what you get a good look at) on her front, this lasts for about 40 seconds before she moves onto her side giving a very clear lower frontal shot before they start
making out. And in her final nude act she picks up a couple of blokes at a disco and spends 20 seconds rolling around being the meat in the sandwich between them showing flashes of the 3 bs.

This was an Australian MA rated telecast of this film but I have not been able to find a cinema rating so this may have been cut from a higher rating material. Regardless the film itself is a snorefest.

tickledick was written on May 1, 2006

Tout de booty

I agree with BigH's comprehensive description, although I would add that nearly all the nudity is in semi-darkness. In my TV screening (3sat), there was only one well-lit scene: the best scene of the movie (at 74 minutes). She is naked, prone, offering a superb shot of her cheeks d'ass, while receiving some lite, strokes de lesbo. She finally wrestles herself onto her side, giving us a view of bush and a hint of lips. The beast-with-three-bums scene, after the disco, is at 78 minutes.

bilfic was written on August 13, 2005

A bush to die for

The four stars are prompted by the quality of Isild's lovely young body--especially her bush--and not by the length of time she is on display, which is all too brief. The previous reviewer accurately summarizes the sequence of shots and the length, but I think he is wrong about the film. Far from being a snorer, this is a classic film noir that is an obvious homage to similar films by Godard and Truffaut from the late 50s-early 60s. In fact, I was immediately reminded of Godard's "Breathless."

But back to the nudity. Isild does not succumb to the peculiar malaise of modern actresses in torturing her body to become flagpole thin. While not at all overweight, she still has some meat on her body. Her breasts are surprisingly ample, at least in comparison to what one might have been led to expect from looking at her clothed. But her crowning glory is her bush, in all its hairy glory. Regrettably, most bushes sees in films today are trimmed, but not Isild's! I just wish we could have seen more of it, for the glimpses we get are all too brief. Maybe in future films?

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